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mobility and environmental information.

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We believe that knowing the location, behavior and environmental situation of your users is valuable in so many applications. Embed MOVE into your own app and know when your users are where, how they behave and in which context they act.

The timeline shows you the movement of your users.
Get route history and driving behavior for car trips.
Create and manage POIs and trigger location-based actions.
Receive alerts when users need help.


Insurance Telematics

DEVK offers discounts on car insurance customers for low-risk driving behavior. Generali motivates for safe driving and eco-friendly mobility with challenges and incentives.

ESG Application

MobyGreen enables companies to measure the ecological footprint of their employees, promote eco-friendly mobility, and include the results in their sustainability report.


ONLOGIST is a platform for vehicle logistics connecting a pool of car shifting companies and freelance drivers with fleet managers. Customers can track their vehicle’s current position and driving style throughout the process.

Biometric Application

Wallife insures against biometric risks associated with smartphone use. In case of unusual use, users are informed and can thus prevent fraud and theft of personal data.


Mode of Transport
Mode of Transport

Detection and differentiation of several mobility modes, e.g. vehicle, public transport, cycling and walking.

Driving Behavior
Scoring und Coaching
Driving Behavior

Car trips are assessed according to their level of risk, including distracted driving, speeding and eco-driving.

POI Management
POI Management

Points of interest (POIs) can trigger events or actions, such as geo-marketing, informations, or alerts.

Marketing Automation
Rewards und Incentives
Marketing Automation

Based on location, user behavior and environmental information, you can set attributes, create segments and design customer journeys.

Crash and Fall Detection (Beta)
Hilfe in Notsituationen
Crash and Fall Detection (Beta)

Accidents are automatically detected and reported, and emergencies can be manually triggered.

Weather Forecasting
Vermeidung von Unfällen und Schäden
Weather Forecasting

Severe weather conditions can serve as a basis for alerts and initiate customer journeys.

More Features – coming soon
Weitere Features coming soon
More Features – coming soon

We are continuously expanding the MOVE SDK and adding new functionalities. Stay tuned for great features with each product update!

MOVE Platform

The MOVE platform consists of two main components, MOVE SDK and MOVE Backend. The software development kit is available for Android and iOS and can be integrated into existing apps or used as part of a new application. The backend makes the data collected by the MOVE SDK available via APIs as well as a web interface.


The data prepared in the MOVE backend can be retrieved via an API and displayed as a timeline. The data can be transferred to your application, displayed on the user’s smartphone, or retrieved as a timeline via a web service.

Mobility detection

When mobility is detected, the MOVE SDK on the smartphone starts recording the corresponding data.


The data is forwarded to the MOVE backend. A machine learning algorithm determines the means of transportation.

Driving behavior

Car trips are analyzed in more depth and evaluated according to their safety. This includes, in particular, smartphone distraction.

Driving style

Adherence to speed limits, braking, acceleration and cornering behavior are also evaluated.

Means of transportation

General mobility behavior is also recorded. This includes cycling, walking and the use of public transport.

timeline-blur Timeline Map






12:00-12:11 (11 min.)

FROM: 500 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701, United States
TO: 2600 E 13th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States

4 min.

2 min.

6 min. | 55%


12:00-12:11 (11 min.)

FROM: 500 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701, United States
TO: 2600 E 13th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States



6 min. | 55%


12:11-12:16 (5 min.)


12:16-12:25 (9 min.)


12:11-12:16 (5 min.)

Segment for people who:
have performed the event trip
with a distance of less than 1,000m
at least 4 times within
the past 10 days

in Short Trip Drivers

Time Window

Wait until any day between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM in the user’s time zone

Only send if customer meets 1 condition

Short Trips Message

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Design specific customer segments in minutes

Event data from the timeline is made available at an API, where it can be transferred to a CRM system or a marketing automation platform. We optionally offer a pre-integrated solution in cooperation with Using attributes and segments, you can easily and flexibly design fantastic customer journeys.

Build beautiful customer journeys
  • Define a trigger for your campaign
  • Add additional attributes
  • Send notifications or apply another action
Get insights of your campaign success

Check your campaign results in real time and optimize it to reach your conversion goals.


Driving recognition

After the SDK has been set up and its services started, it automatically activates itself in the background and collects the required data completely autonomously and without any user interaction, even when the app has been closed. The GPS and IMU data are recorded at high frequency to best analyze the user’s method of transportation and driving behavior. This includes events such as phone distractions, speeding, and acceleration, cornering, and braking behavior.

Battery management

It is essential to keep the power consumption of the app as low as possible. That’s why every SDK instance running on a smartphone learns the individual activities of its user and personalizes its lifecycle in the background as a result.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our statistical models are able to interpret a user’s behavior in an optimal way. For example, MOVE recognizes whether a route was traveled by car, bicycle, public transportation or on foot. If it is a car trip, driving style and behavior can be interpreted and evaluated. Relevant positions are also learned, e.g. the user’s place of residence or workplace.

Predictive Analytics

Our objective is to identify risks and warn the user at the right time. For this purpose, we use predictive analytics for temporal and spatial forecasting, i.e. when a person will be where. In combination with, for example, weather data, we can provide warnings of possible dangers in the future. To do this, we use time series analysis, (density-based) clustering methods and the modeling of stochastic processes (probabilistic modeling), among other things.

IoT – Internet of Things

External devices help us to better understand the environment. This enables us to recognize whether a user is driving their own vehicle and to detect emergencies such as a car accident or fall. The MOVE app communicates with these devices – such as MOVE eCall or MOVE wristband – via Bluetooth and interprets the information from their sensors.  We offer the MOVE emergency platform as a web service or via API for emergency response centers.


Via the MOVE APIs, the SDK makes all recorded and enriched data available. The core is the Timeline API, through which analyzed journeys and seamless user movement data are transferred. Other APIs provide SDK functions such as points of interest, support user communication and error analysis (e.g. optimization of permissions and battery settings at the user), and offer additional services (e.g. emergency service, address resolution). User data is kept secure and GDPR compliant, certified according to ISO 27001.